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practice areas

Family Law

It seems apparent that today’s society is trending towards a different family unit than what was present even one decade ago. The court system is no different. Oftentimes, the court system can be confusing and intimidating for a person with no experience. In matters involving your family it becomes that much more important to find an experienced attorney to guide your through the legal process and protect your family’s rights! Call Brian today to schedule your free consultation.


There’s an old saying that marriage is the biggest step in a person’s life. While marriage is a big step, a Divorce can become an even bigger step if you do not have an effective attorney. In most divorces, emotions run high and, often, parties become adversarial, especially when children are involved. The first thing that you should do is find an attorney that you trust and can confide in. Brian has a history of effectively and efficiently representing his clients through the Divorce/Dissolution process. A Divorce can impact a person for decades; don’t make any decisions without first consulting with an attorney. Call Brian today for your free consultation.

Child Custody/Child Support:

When you are involved in a custody dispute, it is incredibly important that you find an attorney that will fight for your parental rights. Brian has a history of litigating on behalf of his clients and successfully assisting his clients navigate the legal process. Don’t leave anything to chance, contact Brian today for your free consultation.


Any allegation of child Dependency, Neglect, and/or Abuse can have serious ramifications, including termination of your parental rights. It is important to consult an attorney as soon as the allegation is made to ensure that your attorney will have sufficient time to investigate the claims. Brian has years of experience handling these matters. Call Brian today for your free consultation.

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