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Criminal Defense


Have you or a loved one been arrested or charged with a crime? If so, then it is important to hire an experienced and aggressive lawyer to begin preparing the defense as soon as possible. Brian Titgemeyer has substantial experience with successfully defending criminal charges in both Kentucky and Ohio. While most lawyers take a defensive stance, Brian begins investigating and attacking the allegations immediately. Brian’s aggressive representation often leads to your legal issues being efficiently and effectively litigated. No lawyer can guarantee how your case will be resolved, but we can guarantee that your case is important and we will fight for you! Please feel free to contact our office today for your free consultation.

Assault and Domestic Violence:

Being charged with any level of Assault can completely change your life, which is why you need to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Whether you were charged with misdemeanor or felony assault, a conviction can result in anything from incarceration, to hefty fines, and can even impact your ability to find employment. These collateral consequences may have a substantial impact on your life, which is why it is imperative that you find an experienced attorney to begin working on your case immediately. Brian has experience in handling both misdemeanor and felony assaults. His unique, hands-on approach to criminal litigation allows for his clients to be educated on their options and, most importantly, allows his clients to actively participate in their defense. Please feel free to contact our office today for your free consultation.

Drug Crimes:

Today’s society has been devastated by America’s drug epidemic. More often than not, a drug charge that is not properly litigated can leave a lasting, negative impact on your life. This extends beyond the obvious threat of incarceration to the threat of harming your family. Brian understands this, which is why he works tirelessly to ensure that his clients that have been charged with drug crimes receive individualized attention. It is through this approach that Brian is often able to not only assist his clients with their legal matters, but also assist them in finding treatment to prevent it from happening again. Don’t fall victim to America’s drug epidemic. Please feel free to contact our office today for your free consultation.

Theft Crimes:

Theft crimes are on the rise. What most people don’t know is that, oftentimes, thefts are directly related to drug abuse or another underlying issue. In his years of practice, Brian has defended countless theft charges. His understanding of theft prevention treatment, mental health treatment, and drug therapy have allowed him to assist his clients in addressing the underlying problems that led to their theft charges. Brian utilizes this technique to help his clients both in and out of the courtroom. It is very important that theft crimes are addressed as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact our office today for your free consultation.

Pre-Arrest Investigation:

One thing that Brian has noticed in his career is that it is never too early to begin preparing for your defense. The last thing when your freedom is on the line is an attorney that is not aggressively investigating your case. Brian pushes from the start to protect your freedom and your rights. Oftentimes an opportunity only knocks once, don’t miss your opportunity to protect your rights by failing to investigate the matter before you get charged!


Many people that have been convicted of a crime have no idea if or when they can move the court for an expungement of their record. The expungement process can be confusing for many, often leading to people living out their lives with criminal convictions on their records. These convictions can impact your ability to find a job and may even impact your ability to find a place to live. Brian’s experience can simplify and streamline the expungement process. Contact Brian today to find out if your criminal conviction may be expunged.

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